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We are JULIE and ROB and we live in a quaint little hamlet Slapewath, Near Guisborough in the lovely picturesque North Yorkshire countryside, a haven for dog lovers with fields of dog walks for miles. We own, exhibit and breed from good quality representations of our breeds. All our Dogues and Bulldogs are wonderfully bred with excellent bloodlines and more importantly temperaments.

We were introduced to the Dogue de Bordeaux in 2000 when we immediately fell in love with our first Dogue "Maddy" KENMILLONE MAGIC OF BOBISO, a bundle of wrinkle with the most adorable expression, which grew to be the most loveable and loyal chunk of a companion. Once you have experienced a Bordeaux, no other breed can come anywhere near, you are hooked ........this was the beginning of our forever growing family.

We are a hobbyist kennel and because of my fascination for this stunning and noble breed, as breeders we are establishing our chosen bloodline by selective breeding for type, temperament, soundness, substance and most importantly excelling in movement, we are  dedicated to the enhancement and advancement of the Dogue de Bordeaux in the UK.We are learning to understand and appreciate the full qualities of the Bordeaux and appreciate all the help and advice given to us, which we hope to share with others to enhance this breed even further. The UK now has breed specialist Bordeaux judges, the Dogue de Bordeauxs are judged by breed specialist judges and all-rounders or specialists in other breeds. We are a devoted breeder of the Dogue De Bordeaux and strive to bring this magnificent breed forward to new heights, our ultimate concern is for the good of the breed. We aim to attend as many championship shows as possible to promote the Dogue to Bordeaux.




Our Fantastic Young Male JOHNNY GRAND is now siring quality litters
of dogue de bordeaux puppies.

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The Bulldog makes an ideal companion with its docile nature universally acknowledged. In our experience there is no greater loyalty than that of a bulldog. The bulldogs devotion to his loved ones is a joy. The bulldog is not a one-man dog; he has his favourite member of the family, but he also has a heart big enough to love everyone.

The bulldog is certainly not a noisy or viscous breed but they are protective of their owners and family and make a fabulous security guard. Usually their appearance is a deterrent to any would-be intruder.

The bulldog is excellent with children and will tolerate poking and prodding without becoming annoyed. Of course, children must never be left unsupervised with any breed of dog and should be taught to have respect for their pet and to know that there are times when he needs peace and quiet. Deemed the lazy mans dog the bulldog can find a comfortable spot to rest almost anywhere in the house.

He will accept the companionship of virtually any animal be they canine or feline, provided they are introduced in an appropriate manner and while as young as possible.

A bulldog can be stubborn; he will obey but only when he is ready. He is certainly not a breed that will jump at your every command.

The bulldog is affectionate and faithfull to the end; which brings me to the story of the famous bulldog 'King Dick' in 1860 :- 'King Dick' belonged to Jacob Lamphier, a well known breeder of the Bulldog. During the last year of Jacobs life, Jacob was afflicted with consumption and was often confined to his bed; with Dick the bulldog as his constant companion at his bedside. When Jacob died, and until after the funeral, Dick was confined to the yard. On the first day Dick was let loose, he instantly rushed upstairs into his masters bedroom and made straight for the chair Jacob used to sit in. He put his paws on the bed, then looked under it, he ran back and forth crying piteously. Many tried to comfort him without success. He lay down on the mat near Jacobs bed and never seemed to lift his head again. Although every effort was made to stimulate him, he refused all food and died four days later.

'There is no greater loyalty than that of the Bulldog'

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